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Supplement liver health, supplements for hepatitis, supplements for cirrhosis, natural treatments for hepatitis, herbs for liver health

If you have liver disease you need to be taking these 3 nutrients

If you have liver disease you need to be taking these 3 nutrients.
Dr Nicole Cain

You can heal from liver disease.

Imagine the possibilities.


Many years ago a physician was hired by a major hospital. The facility specialized in liver transplants and had a waiting list that extended beyond a year. Due to the often rapid progression of symptomology in patients suffering from end stage liver disease, many did not survive long enough to receive their transplant. As a solution, the hospital commissioned this doctor to implement therapies that would “keep patients alive long enough to get their transplant.” He created a protocol containing three key nutrients, and his results were outstanding. Not only did patients show improvement in their labs—reduction of liver inflammatory markers and hepatitis antibodies—but many actually enjoyed a full recovery and withdrew from the transplant list. Their liver disease was reversed, cured, and they enjoyed complete and total recovery. Naturally.


Unfortunately, patients getting better and getting off the transplant list is bad for the liver transplant business. The doctor was let go.


But his wisdom was not lost. A medically trained, and licensed Naturopathic Physician is trained to identify and treat the root cause of disease and we use therapies like this doctor did to help our patients enjoy true recovery. Recommendations from Naturopathic Physicians are gleaned with respect to ancient wisdom and conventional research.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from liver disease, the following three nutrients may be life saving. This article summarizes what the doctor discussed above used with his patients. These three nutrients for liver disease are just the beginning in the therapeutic possibilites that will help you recover from hepatitis, cirrhosis, NAFLD, NASH, autoimmune hepatitis, hepatitis C, hepatitis B and more. Of course, before starting any new supplement regimen, always talk with your doctor first to be sure that they are appropriate for your unique situation.


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Supplement liver health, supplements for hepatitis, supplements for cirrhosis, natural treatments for hepatitis, herbs for liver health
You can heal from liver disease and here’s how.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is an antioxidant that powerfully reduces liver fibrosis associated with hepatitis (liver inflammation), can promote liver regeneration and can reverse liver cirrhosis (which conventional medicine previously considered impossible). ALA is fat soluble which means that it can penetrate deep into the cells to exert it’s healing effects. Make sure when you are buying ALA that you get the “R” form. The “R” form is the form of ALA that is biologically active and has antioxidant properties. The “S” form is a chemical that is made in a laboratory. The S-lipoic acid form is found in “cheap” or lower quality supplements and is generally ineffective and biologically inactive.

Recommended dosage: R-Lipoic Acid 250 mg twice per day



Supplement liver health, supplements for hepatitis, supplements for cirrhosis, natural treatments for hepatitis, herbs for liver health
Selenium is a powerful nutrient for healing hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver disease.

Selenium is a brilliant natural element that is key for healing liver disease, reversing liver cirrhosis and healing hepatitis. It acts by detoxifying liver enzymes, by maintaining the glutathione antioxidant system it is a powerful antioxidant (which heals liver tissue cells), it promotes tissue healing and elasticity, and it is anti-inflammatory. Selenium deficiency can increase the risk of liver disease, and therapeutic doses of selenium supplementation can not only protect against the development of liver cirrhosis, but it can reverse it as well. My favorite form of selenium is selenomethionine as it is one of the most bioavailable forms of selenium and has a superior antioxidant effect in the body. It is important to dose selenium appropriately so talk with your naturopathic physician before starting selenium supplementation.

Recommended dosage: Selenomethionine 200 mcg twice per day


Silymarin/ Silybum (Milk Thistle)

Supplement liver health, supplements for hepatitis, supplements for cirrhosis, natural treatments for hepatitis, herbs for liver health
Milk thistle heals hepatitis, cirrhosis and reverses liver damage.

If you have liver disease you should be taking milk thistle. Milk thistle is an antioxidant, it removes toxins at the membrane level of the tissues, it enhances the production of proteins (which is a key step in tissue regeneration), it is antifibrotic (removing liver fibrosis), it is an immunomodulator (reduces autoimmune hepatitis effects), and is antiinflammatory.

The Mayo Clinic reports that Milk Thistle is effective at healing liver cirrhosis (liver scarring- which was previously considered “impossible”), improves blood sugar management and liver disease in diabetes, heals kidney disease (which often co-occurs with liver disease), and more.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Milk Thistle has been shown to increase survival in those with liver cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis. This is remarkable as these studies often do not employ therapeutic levels of Milk Thistle, nor does it take into consideration the wildcrafting and quality control of the herb used, itself. This means, that even the low quality milk thistle is effective.

When you are searching for Milk Thistle, make sure you select a product from a company that has quality control for the time of harvest of the plant, the part used (for example the active constituent is silybin and if this was not extracted the product will likely be mostly ineffective), and that the herb was not exposed to organophosphates and other chemical derivatives during growing—as all of these will end up going directly into your tissues. My favorite companies are Gaia Herbs and Wise Woman Herbals.

Recommended dosage: Milk Thistle Seed Extract (Silybum marianum) 450 mg twice per day



Concluding Remarks

You can heal from liver fibrosis, NAFLD (non alcoholic fatty liver disease), cirrhosis, hepatitis and more. These three herbs are just the beginning. To learn about other tools that might be appropriate for you, go to www.DrNicoleCain.com and schedule your complimentary Meet and Greet. Get started on the road to a new life with safe, powerful, and effective solutions, TODAY.

In Health and Love,

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This article is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. When ever considering changing your protocol whether it include change of medications, supplements, diet or lifestyle, always speak with your physician first. Dr. Cain treats patients both locally and internationally. To set up a complimentary meet and greet, call our office or go to www.DrNicoleCain.com to schedule online. 

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